Sunday, August 30, 2009

for serious

this may be the least flippant thing i've ever written in my life. an opportunity to do what i think i am best in the world at; witness and cultivate people's stories and passions. i have found myself in a position to create safe space for personal expression. perhaps because that is what i crave most. and now, my dreams, my passions, and my BHAG are all coming together at once! i am going to Brazil to work with an organization whose mission is to, "empower [Brazil's youth] as they explore, discover, rewrite and appropriate their own image and history through audiovisual works," and to "broaden the cultural universe and contribute to the development of critical thinking of children, adolescents and young people belonging to disadvantaged groups through the use of audiovisual language."
i have so many reasons to go to brazil, and this organization came into my awareness so fluidly and inspired something in me i feared was no longer viable. in order to connect to another person, we have to be real. in order to grow, we have to let go. and in order to change, we have to be willing to say, "fuck it."
as i step forward towards my goal of living in brazil, and my BHAG of being a company member of dance brazil, i am getting more and more clear on my MISSION in life, which is to inspire others. i find the most satisfaction and excitement when witnessing inspiration in others. and i realize my life has been blessed. i don't want to come from a place of "having so much, and so i feel i must give back," but i also recognize my privilege. i BELIEVE everyone should do what they love. and no one should be forced into a lifestyle due to circumstance or lack of education. so much corruption in our world comes from ignorance, and open communication is the only way to eradicate it.
artistic expression is, in my opinion, the freest form of communication- free from self-consciousness, free from agenda and begging discussion!
at cinema nosso, "[the] goal is that...our students will have the skills to express their own ideas with strength and clarity."
i get to be a part of something i find completely inspiring and believe in wholeheartedly.
now to the practical part (barf.) i have a certain amount of savings. depleted partially just by purchasing a ticket to brazil. so i'm selling my car.
i'm selling my mattress.
i'm selling my bookshelf.
oh, and the chair i bought at pier one.
and the table i was given...
and lots of clothing.
this shedding of 'stuff' only makes me realize that what i really want in life has so little to do with material things. i'm not saying i don't dream of having a house; on the beach. with a wicked awesome couch. and great tile in the sunken bathtub that overlooks the ocean. but i'm just fine on very little. as long as there are people, i'm fine.
so look out brazil. i'm finally on my way.


  1. congratulations, stacey!! i'm late to see this post but best of luck - i hope you'll be posting here or on facebook so we can keep up with you while you're in brazil!!

    much love,

  2. did you sell my mattress? :)
    xo kerry