Wednesday, October 31, 2012

like a limb or a branch
attached because it grew from there,
from the source
as part of a structure, an
element of a whole
complete thing

like a discovery, a piece of
knowledge, a
thought, a word an act of
beauty crystalized
into memory and cannot
be taken away

like possession, like
a stumbled-upon treasure, a secret
map, a piece of gold
your heart
bloomed in my hand i saw it
open self-consciously
majestically, what felt like
a flash of light held
love for an eternity

like a limb, by some horrific stroke
detached, a thing meant to be
here that's no longer
here or
near or
touchable embraceable attainable
visible or willing to be seen
but i feel it hover over me
like a shadow
cold and lifelike
nimble and persistent
 and it goes everywhere i go

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